Factual Discrepancy in Columbia Daily Spectator

Divest Barnard



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Factual Discrepancy in Columbia Daily Spectator

February 8th, 2016


Earlier today, The Columbia Daily Spectator published a print story with the headline, “23 percent of Barnard students vote in favor of fossil fuel divestment.” Divest Barnard is disappointed with this factually misleading headline. To clarify, of the 23.82 percent of students who participated in SGA’s referendum, 95.92 students voted in favor of fossil fuel divestment. While a roughly 24 percent voter turnout is typical of SGA referendums, 96 percent voter support is overwhelming and unprecedented. Spec’s headline implies that only 23 percent of Barnard students support fossil fuel divestment, which is a flagrant misrepresentation of the facts. Any major media outlet that purports to support journalism free of editorializing should not condone conduct as such.

Divest Barnard respectfully asks that Spec print a correction box in its next issue to clarify the misleading headline.