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Statement of Intent

April 14, 2016


Today, members of Columbia Divest for Climate Justice, Divest Barnard, organizations in the Barnard Columbia Solidarity Network, and the campus community at large participated in a rally on Low Steps demanding President Bollinger make a public statement to the Columbia Board of Trustees recommending fossil fuel divestment. Divest Barnard stands with Columbia Divest for Climate Justice as part of the Barnard Columbia Solidarity Network in this demand. More importantly, we stand with CDCJ as part of the same movement. While our campaigns may be different, our goals are the same. We are both fighting against corporate university systems that refuse to realize the consequences of their actions.


CDCJ has escalated after years of pushing back against the bureaucratic boundaries set by Columbia University. Divest Barnard stands in solidarity with the hope that Barnard College will take note that we, the students, will not back down from our own administration. Today, CDCJ and members of Divest Barnard occupy Low Library by and sit-in outside of Bollinger’s office to make their message loud and clear. They will not leave without their demand being met. Divest Barnard does not participate in this act of civil disobedience without our own message. To the Barnard Board of Trustees – we stand in support of CDCJ, whose administration has refused to listen and refused to choose justice. We’re standing in support now, but should you too refuse to choose justice, it will be CDCJ standing in solidarity with us in the actions we are willing to take. A lot is at stake, so we sincerely hope that the Barnard Board of Trustees will choose wisely.