Yale Takes First Steps Towards Divestment

The momentum keeps building! Congrats to Yale for taking these first steps towards full divestment and to Fossil Free Yale for their hard work!

“Although this represents an exciting choice on the part of two of Yale’s investment managers to divest from fossil fuels, the recent news reported by the YDN does not indicate any significant change in Yale’s policy on ethical investment. We are thrilled that Swenson has continued to engage the Yale community and investment managersabout issues of climate change and that we have begun the process of divestment. But we will continue to push them to permanently divest from all fossil fuel companies for reasons of racial and economic justice, not just the university’s bottom line. In addition, we continue to request greater transparency and student involvement in university decision making.

This is an exciting victory of moving towards divestment, but there is more work to be done.” – Fossil Free Yale